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vehicle valet

At XL Motors we go the extra mile for you

All vehicles are protected by floor mats, seat covers and steering wheel covers whilst they are being repaired. At the end we will give the car a complimentary wash and vac. Save yourself time, let us valet your vehicle from as little as £15 all in.

Paint Re-enhancement

Is your car looking faded, paintwork looking dull from too many automatic car washes. Think it might need to be re-painted? Let our Qualified vehicle assessors take a look,your vehicle will more than likely need a 4 stage body mopping to bring the paint back to life or remove the fine scratches causing it to be dull with price,s starting from £125 + v.a.t you can save thousands of pounds on not re-painting.

xl motors accident repair centre

Contact Us

For a full accident repair service that includes a complete vehicle valeting, call XL Motors Accident Repair Centre on

T: 024 7636 2181

2015-03-05 01:00:23

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