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XL Express Same Day Body Repairs

Paint chips and scratch repairs

At XL we can rectify small areas of damage without the need to re-spray whole panels, making it look as good as new. All repairs come with a lifetime paint warranty

Bumper scuffs

Ever caught your bumper on a wall or driven past a bush causing light damage to your bumper? We can easily and cost effectively repair your bumper in approximately 24 hrs.

Door mirror and bumper replacement

When your vehicle only needs to have these single parts replaced, you would be eligible for our 'Sit and Fit' service. Have a coffee, read a paper, or watch the TV, while we fit the parts to your vehicle.

xl motors accident repair centre

Contact Us

Is your paintwork looking faded? Call XL Motors Accident Repair Centre on

T: 024 7636 2181

2015-03-05 04:23:54

Selsia SameDay Quick Quote

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